Parables from the Origin The Book

Dr. Amyn Dahya's book embodies twenty heart warming parables that will inspire its readers to accomplish more and treat "impossible" challenges as welcome distractions.

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About the author

Dr. Amyn Dahya underwent a rich spiritual experience after a life threatening accident in Kashmir in 1987. He was subsequently blessed with a clarity of knowledge he knew needed to be shared widely, for happiness and empowerment.

He has penned his learning in 7 books, and 3 audios thus far, teaches meditation for self growth, healing and balance, and writes weekly quotes & thoughts to ponder.


Who should read this book?

The author, Dr. Amyn Dahya, understands the challenges in modern day life better than most, having gone through more uphill battles in life than anyone should have to, however, this has given Dr. Amyn a unique understanding on how to tackle the obstacles that life might place in front of you.

The book will enlighten the reader to a point where they experience challenges in life become welcome distractions from the daily grind and happily works to clear them and move past them. A truly heartfelt gem that will inspire the readers to become the best version of themselves.

What the readers think

  • “I normally don't read books like this, I am more a "spy novel guy", but a friend gifted it to me and I have to say I love it.”

    Vikram Baghel
  • “I feel more empowered and ready to face the daily challenges at work and at home. Thank you."

    Carol De Vera
  • “I sat down with this book and I didn't get up until I had read it through, this never happened to me before - I really like the way it flows, and can't recommend it enough.”

    Sunee Pimpocha

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Parables from the Origin is a book embodies twenty heart warming parables that inspire its reader with a clear and profound understanding of some of the key aspects of living within our challenging modern day environment.

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----     Chapter 2     -----
The Saint in Central Park

The Parable of the Chief Executive

Excerpt from the book "Parables from the Origin" by Dr. Amyn Dahya

There was once an executive called Barton who lived in New York City and worked hard at building up his large electronics company. He was an honest and conscientious individual, determined to succeed in this venture. His company was publicly listed on the stock exchange. The market for its shares, however, had dropped sharply to levels where he was unable to raise the capital he so badly needed.

One afternoon, after having taken more than fifty phone calls from irate investors and business associates, Barton decided he could not handle this any more! He stormed out of his office and took a cab to Central Park, his favourite hideout in the city. As he wandered through the park he saw a bench, where he decided to sit and allow himself to calm down.

A few moments later he saw a beautiful elderly Lady, dressed in a white robe, walking towards him. She walked with gentle, dignified steps; she looked like she could be about sixty-five years old. Her hair was grey and her eyes had a bright sparkle. A beautiful sandalwood scent surrounded her. Barton was taken aback by her radiance. She had a soft, affectionate presence that reminded him of his mother. This lady must be some kind of a Saint, he thought to himself. Then she stopped in front of him and, with a warm smile on her face, began speaking.

“Son, you look worried and upset. What could possibly be so wrong in your life to make you feel like this?” Barton, somewhat humbled by her presence, said, “Lady, you look like you are enjoying your peaceful walk in the park. I don’t want to bother you with my problems, but thanks for asking anyway!”

The Lady replied calmly, “Tell me what is on your mind, Son. Maybe I can help.”

Barton felt comforted by her voice. He was generally a very closed person when it came to talking about his feelings. Yet he felt he could open up to this complete stranger who addressed him like she was his mother!

“Over the past few weeks I’ve been gravely concerned about my financial situation, compounded by the depressing performance of the stock markets,” Barton let out. “I have faced much difficulty and pain. My shareholders have given me a lot of grief, too. All I do is listen to their frustrations and criticisms, which drain me mentally and emotionally. In the midst of all this, I find myself unable to think clearly. Hence, I am unable to find solutions to my crises. Today I left the office because I could not handle any more of this pain. I believe that it may be time for me to quit this business, because I am not happy at all!” With a serious but understanding look on her face, the Lady replied, “Son, life is a multitude of Experiences. There are things we can control and then there are things we cannot control. The amount of commitment and effort that we put into our businesses, professions, relationships and all other activities clearly rests in our hands. However, we cannot control the outcome of our efforts. Success or failure is not in our hands.”

The Lady continued, “Son, today as you ponder your problems, you do not know what events and solutions lie ahead of you. But, yesterday you did not know what was in store for you today! So why spend so much time and energy worrying about what is to happen next? All you can do is to try your best. If you make life a contest between success and defeat, you will feel highs and suffer lows. Son, think what it would be like to lead life in a constant form, taking in each Experience as it comes. Think of life where there is no success or failure—just Experience. People have made life to be one big competition. Does it need to be so?” The Lady’s eyes radiated with a special luminescence as she looked at Barton and continued, “Son, you must live each day as if it were your last. Then ask yourself how you feel about worldly success or failure.”

Barton, who felt a wonderful new sense of energy, looked into the Lady’s eyes and replied, “What you say makes a lot of sense. I have probably been too wrapped up in my problems to think clearly. I am terrified of failure. I spend so much of my time worrying about how people will feel about me if I fail. I try my hardest to keep everybody happy, from my employees to my investors, bankers and associates. Maybe that is why I have been unable to find the time to solve my problems.” Barton continued, “I feel so frustrated because I am unable to complete any task. I keep leaving behind loose ends wherever I go! Each moment of my day I fear what the next moment may bring. Each time the telephone rings, I shudder! I did not work this hard for all these years to put myself into such an unhappy situation. Clearly, I am not doing things right or else I wouldn’t be in such a mess!”

The Lady smiled knowingly and replied, “Son, you must ask yourself the question, What success am I striving for? True success must be in the accomplishment of the purpose for which you were born. Where do you stand on that one? Have you thought about it? If your life were to come to an end today and by some special chance you were to be granted one more day, what would you do? What things would you take care of first? What would your list of priorities look like? Where would the business activities that consume sixteen hours of each day fit into this list? What would you want your obituary to say? Think about it, Son!” The Lady continued, “You have always taken tomorrow for granted; you have automatically assumed that it would be there. This is where you often go wrong. You should aim to start each day by assuming that there will be no tomorrow. Remind yourself of that each morning as you get out of bed. Now make today’s decisions accordingly. You will find that with this approach to life, you will accomplish a great deal. Your mess will gradually disappear. You will leave fewer loose ends in everything that you do. You will address the things that mean the most to you and in doing so, you will find happiness.”

Barton pondered for a few moments what the Lady had said. He knew that every word reflected inner thoughts that had crossed his mind during quieter moments. Barton had pursued success in his business so hard that he had become oblivious to everything else in his life. At one time he had had a wife and a daughter—they no longer lived with him. He had had friends who cared about him, but in the relentless pursuit of his business goals, he had lost contact with them. Now he was all alone. Yet today, in Central Park of all places, he had heard the most profound words from a Lady whom he had never seen before!

“Ma’am, I do not know who you are or where you have come from,” Barton said, “but you have given me much to think about. I will take the rest of the day off to reflect on your words. Clearly, what you are telling me to do is not easy. I have to change the way I think, and at the age of fifty, that can be difficult! I like your idea of listing my priorities because I know that there is much for me to correct. I have never given much thought to what my purpose in life is, but treating each day as if it were my last one may help me to discover a greater meaning in my life. I thank you for your counsel. By the way, Ma’am, how rude of me, I have not even introduced myself to you. My name is Barton.”

The Lady smiled and replied, “Barton, it has been a pleasure meeting you. You are a fine man who means well. Change your ways and you will find the happiness you deserve! Don’t worry too much about what the world thinks of you. Worry about what Barton thinks of himself! Farewell, Son, and may God bless you!” As she started walking away, Barton felt a sudden sense of sadness. He cried out, “Ma’am, you never told me your name. Where can I find you if I need to speak to you?” The Lady looked back with a warm smile on her face. With a soft, loving voice she replied, “You do not need to know my name. If you want to reach me, just think of me....”

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